MM Trader - Automated Trading System


Collective2 is a web service that allows you to choose from some 800 trading systems. The C2 web site provides tools for quickly narrowing down the list according to your goals and risk tolerance. You can find systems that trade stocks, ETFs, options, futures, or forex. Pick one that interests you and the web site will recommend others to add that have low correlation for greater diversification. Diversification into multiple systems trading different asset classes goes a long way toward mitigating the wild swings of the stock market. Collective2 gives you the ability to capitalize on the best minds in each asset class without knowing anything about it. It's like having your own hedge fund manager at a fraction of the cost. Subscribe to one or several systems and autotrade them on MM Trader!

Once you have subscribed to a system and have told Collective2 you want to autotrade it using MM Trader, click the Start button and it will appear in the upper system list. Any positions the system currently holds will appear in the lower holdings list.

All holdings for all systems being played are shown in the bottom panel. Clicking on one of the systems in the top panel will cause only those holdings belonging to it to be displayed in the bottom panel, until the next update in about 2 minutes. Holdings which are held in the hypothetical portfolio but are not actually held in your brokerage account show in red and the status line will blink "out of sync". Holdings which are also held in the brokerage but whose actual quantity (A.Qty) is different from the hypothetical quantity (H.Qty) are colored yellow. Options for how to handle out-of-sync conditions are available in the Preferences dialog under the Edit menu. When the H.Qty shows "unknown", it means that there might be a pending change in the holding, or that the market is closed. No synchronization actions are taken under those conditions.

All signals posted by system owners to the C2 servers are relayed to MM Trader within 7 seconds. Syncronization is checked about every 2 minutes. Each C2 system uses a specified amount of capital. If you do not have that much capital, or want to use more than that amount in your trading account, you can specify a scaling factor so that you can still play it. You can also specify safeguards such as max forex, max options, max shares, or max contracts in any given holding, or by overriding the system by adding your own stop loss. These kinds of adjustments are made on the C2 web site in the autotrade wizard. All the details are explained on the C2 web site. If you do make any changes to these settings while MM Trader is logged into C2, click the Stop button to log out, then click the Start button to log in again so that the new settings will take effect.

If you choose a Collective2 system that trades forex or futures, be sure the permissions are checked in your IB Account. To do that, log into Account Management and select Trading Access, then Trading Configuration. In the Trading Permissions block check "Check All" box in the Global row (first row) to be covered for forex trading. Then click the "Check All" box right under the Futures label to be covered for all possible futures trades in different countries. If you do not do this, you will see a "Permission denied" error message in the Messages tab when a signal comes in from Collective2 for a trade in an asset class or country that you do not have permission to trade. Typically it takes 24 hours for your new permission settings to kick in.